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Nobody Wanna See Us Together
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Mistellaaa's LiveJournal:

Monday, April 16th, 2007
April 16th, 2007
Screams About Me

tellName: Tola Karine
Nickname: Tk, Karine, Achie (Chinese way of saying older sister)
Age: 13

Likes: Reading, writing, photoshopping, observing, thinking, surfing the net, debating, competing with other unconciously (I only like doing this when I know I'll get some benefits from it or if it makes me feel good), running, playing tennis, fencing, drawing and anything related to art. Oh and I like criticizing people slash stating the things that are obvious but are trying to be kept hidden (if you get what I mean) for the sake of amusing myself. Sometimes, I go overboard but I apologize anyways. And I like humor, sarcasm and acting rebellious at times (this side is only shown to my friends 'cause I can't show my true facade to my perfect family or I'm dead).
Dislikes: Mmm. This is gonna be long. I don't like people who judge without really getting to know the person better. I hate being judged myself. I despise hypocrites, liars and cheaters. I don't people who pity to annoy and I also dislike being pitied. I don't like people who act weak to be able to achieve something they need. I also hate being weak myself. Basically, I don't like lots of things. Especially when it's concerned about some of man's traits.
Hobbies: Same as my likes, I suppose.  
Talents: Writing, fencing, running and playing tennis.
Goals: I really don't know. I think I'm too young to be dreaming of my life long future. But basically, my hidden goal has been either to model and get into working with companies that are linked to modelling or study well, work hard, make my own corporation and take good care of my family with the money I earn. Oh and make our family name known.
What do you feel is your best quality? Why?: I guess I'm the 'morphing' type. I can adapt myself in any change of environment. Like, if you dump me with a bunch of kids, we'll be arguing all day on how my daisy is brighter than yours. Or if you drag me into a conversation with old women, we can get down to business and talk about how politicians are.
Your worst? Why?: My worst quality is also my best. I think that I abuse those 'talents' I have at times too much to get my way. It depends on how I use it, you see.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Why?: I guess it would my arrogance, pride and being to self-centered. I would also want to change my laziness and habits such as taking things for granted, doing things last minute and accidently saying things without thinking about it.
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Why?: I want to change poverty, terrorism and how most of our leaders are corrupted and using that money for their own leisure.

Why do you like the anime/manga Prince of Tennis?: I guess since it was just plainly tennis. And I've been itching to actually watch an anime that dealt with sports.
Who is your favourite character? Why? (You won't be judged on this): Tezuka Kunimitsu. Not only does he have patience, but he also has striking leadership qualities that I would love to have. I adore his personality because he can terrify people due to the way he acts. In my point of view, he's great cause he earns respect easily.
Who is your least favourite character? Why?: It's gotta be Horio. Despite the fact that his, well, smart ramblings amuse me to no ends, I really get pissed whenever he sticks his nose into something he's not. And what's with saying he's great because he's got three years of experience? Gah.
What's your favourite pairing? Why?: It's either TezuRyo or AtoRyo. Pillar Pair since Tezuka and Ryoma have a spark, you know? He's like, "Be Seigaku's pillar of support." And he doesn't show much feelings to the others. Oh and the whole series screams TezuRyo in my eyes since Ryoma's the 'i won't talk to you if you're not worthy' or something like that and so when you squint your eyes, you can see that Ryoma clearly respects Tezuka. Royal pair because it's funny to see Atobe and Ryoma fuss with each other.
What's your least favourite pairing? Why?: TezuFuji. I don't know why people like that pairing. They don't even click. I mean just because their childhood friends doesn't make them good together. Pssh.
If you got to choose a character in the show to be for 24 hours, who would it be? Why?: Tezuka. I've always wondered how he thinks and what kind of person is he really. Like if he has a gay side of him or something. Lol.

How did you find this community?: I received a PM from stellarscarlet
Anything else?: Nope. Thanks for letting me rant :)



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Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
April 4th, 2007
This Day
Ok. Listen up. 

Remember that Maya girl? Well, I found out five things about her:

1. Her name is spelt as Maia 
I saw the spelling on her jug.

2. She has annoying parents. 
Her parents think they're better than my mom. And they're so ANNOYING. I swear I remember what they always remind her already. It's: 
  > "Maia, harder! Hit harder!"
  > "Maia, swing your hand more! Farther!" 
  > "Maia, higher toss! Higher!" 
--It's like they're controlling her so much. But I can't blame them. They're expecting a lot from her because her older brother is good. Still, I think it isn't good to compare. 
Sometimes, I just wanna tell them, "HEY! Instead of complaining on her imperfect strokes, why don't you just play and show us how to run this thing!" but I know I can't say that cause I don't want to embarass my brother, mother and coach.
3. She's not that bad. 
Talkative, but hey, she's only nine. 
4. She doesn't pay attention.
And at times, she can get on your nerves. (Don't mind number 3. I said that because she ain't all bitchy and bratty.) She doesn't know it but when it's practice, she stands so near, you'll become more afraid of the parent's wrath if you hit her than our coach lecturing you on how to hit the ball properly. It's so effinly annoying. And I wanna like scream, "CAN YOU PLEASE MOVE? OR DO I NEED TO PUT A SIGN THAT SAYS 'STOP'?"
Which is odd, but then again, my brother's kiddie hott (I do not like my brother. I am proud of him.) but he's a bit big (He's tall and a bit big but he ain't obese, you dumbass.)...

The last thing I wrote was the funniest one. I'd never imagine a 9 year old kid would fall for my brother. I mean, they do not have hormones yet

So anyway, it's not that Maia confessed her feelings for him (I don't even think she realizes that she has a crush on him.) because it's not just right for a 9 year old kid to say, "Hey, I like you." like how we teens do. I think she's in the stage where she always acts up just to get my bro's attention. She doesn't make it obvious, but then again, I think she thinks she's not obvious... but she's not obvious to my ten year old brother. But my mom can see signs. 

And those signs are: 
1. She only teases my brother. Which is fine, but technically, studies prove that at their age, they prefer talking to their own species unless they stimulate a different kind of feeling for the other gender which provokes them to act all different. And she doesn't tease me or my other friend. I'm not jealous, but heck, I'm surprised that she's paying more attention to my brother than me. (Okay, maybe that counts as me being jealous.... But why is a GIRL talking to my little brother...?! lol.) 
2. She talks loud to get attention.
And I'm thinking it's for my brother. Honestly, she'd do anything to be the star- which she isn't. And jeez, I get tired of listening to her whines and annoying chats like: 
"If your brother wears glasses and you don't wear glasses, why doesn't he not wear glasses and you not wear glasses? But if he doesn't wear glasses and if you wear glasses, will you still be able to see?" 

-- And I go like, "Contacts." Smile. And whack the balls like crazy.

3. She's always chasing him.
I mean, check out this conversation we had: 

"Maia, your turn to serve." I informed the younger girl before me. We were practicing our serves now. It was the usual routing. Two players at a time; one at the right and the other at the left. I was in the right. My brother was in the other side. 

"No, it's okay. I'm lucky in this spot." And she just waits behind my brother. Oh well, I think, I get to serve without disturbances. 

And throughout the whole time, I never fail to see Maia not behind my brother or not beside him while we serve. Stalker.
Now you get what I mean? 


And this is why I kept on doing anything and everything to show how close me and brother were compared to her. 

(But I kinda noticed that she hardly paid attention to my brother today. Maybe it was because her 'rents were there. Or because I joined them. You never know how evil big sisters can be when it comes to girls who like their brothers.) 

Oooh, I feel so damn arrogant >:)


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Monday, March 26th, 2007
March 26th, 2007
Tennis At Full Speed
Don't mind the tite. Don't you even think of the effing word Tennis

--Too bad, I think you and I just did. 

Ugh. What's up with Tennis anyway? I know I've gotten addicted to Prince of Tennis but, I think I took it too seriously. No wait, my mom did... Oh yeah! I totally forgot that I did use to take up tennis. My brother's (who is younger) better though, since he never stopped playing since he was 6 or 7. I played when I was 9 and I guess I could be labeled as a "uncertain player" because there's gonna be a period of time wherein you could find me in the courts, and the next time (hmph, maybe era's the right word XD), you'll never see my face again. It's been like that forever. 

But this time, nooooo. My mother told me that I should take it again. Why? Just because it's damn Summer here and she said I look too pale. Pale my ass. I didn't even realize that. I mean, what's wrong with spending the whole day in your room surfing the net? (I'm sure you could name a list but work with me people!) 

Hn. Oh well, I've gotten something out of taking the sport again. Mom said I could go to my friends' place whenever and wherever it is-- as long as I don't skip tennis lessons. 

Oh well, it's not that bad. But if you consider being categorized with your brother's fat korean (no offense, just stating the nationality) friend who doesn't run nor hit the ball well while your younger brother, good friend (this is understandable because my friend's been playing for a looooong time and she goes internation competition) AND a little girl who you used to mock and bully 'cause she was short and sucky are placed in another court, dealing with the hard coaches and all...what would you think?!? 

It makes me want to scream. 

I really hate it. I mean, Maya, the little girl, IS GODDAMN BETTER THAN ME. I don't frigging care if her brother's a great player who's always in the newspaper, what I think is that, this is so effed up! She's short, petite, dark ('kay, lay off and lemme rant. I mean no harm here)and hits softly but she's with the good players?! (And I'm proud to say that my brother's there in that group. I'm cool with him better than me.) But sadly, she's gotta and obsessed mom who pushes Maya because she expects Maya to be as good as her brother. Must suck to be her. I'm just so glad my brother's nice- and so is my ma.

Lol. Darn it, this is my 3rd or was it the 4th LJ I made. Shoot. Well, I thought of a new pen-name, so what the hell. So listen up, 
Claudestine is for my writings and fanfictions while Mistella is for my rambles, rants and daily news on my life. 

My head hurts now. And I just took a bath. I guess there was tooo much sun, or is it the internet...?! Who cares anyway-- I mean, I sure don't. So I'll type in again soon, hopefully summer will still be sweet and exciting (and not annoying and dull).


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